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When it comes to adding smartness to our home, some of the most intelligent home appliances demonstrated at the CES 2016 can do wonders.

CES 2016 has featured more smart home appliances than last year. Sometimes such events feature so much that it becomes difficult to understand what to buy and what not to. From Whirlpool’s top loading washer dryers to coffee makers from Samsung and others the smart home appliance market is enormous. On the other hand the, smart hubs have definitely been a rage over the past five to six years. The Smart Things too took the industry by storm when it gained success with its crowdfunding campaign. Industry experts assessing the current size and share as well as growth opportunities of the smart home appliance market outline that the biggest announcement came with Samsung’s investment in Smart Things in 2014.

News bits from prominent players

One of the biggest announcements came from Samsung itself. The leading home appliance manufacturer is now determined to make all its 2016 smart TVs, IoT-enabled. Samsung plans on offering a free dongle that needs to be plugged into these televisions to help customers enjoy the best of IoT. In another announcement ADT has selected August to work with on a new canopy service. This year LG Electronics has been making headlines with the world of SmartThinQ sensors that can make any dumb appliances intelligent. These announcements are anticipated to strengthen the competitive landscape of the smart home appliance market.

Major trends in smart home appliances market

The most interesting trend visible in the smart home appliance market is the popularity of the energy harvesting equipment. Although they sound like a Si-Fi movie to many, they are real. Some of the prominent companies active in this space are EnerBee and Philips. Another major development is that many manufacturers would consider an add-on known as the dimmer model .A company called Fibaro as invented an add on where you can take an existing light switch and wire the dimmer module. The dimmer can not only identify the type of lighting device it is connected to but also help the users enjoy some fancy stuff. The third trend that won several hearts at the CES is the family hub fridge by Samsung. The fridge comes with a gigantic touch screen which enables users to order groceries. Homeowners can also see what’s there in the fridge with multiple cameras.


Sakshum V. Gupta